The Purge

Movie: The Purge

Genre pictures sometimes get a bad reputation for being simple entertainment that doesn’t have the capability to engage with real issues or the problems of the human condition. Anyone who honestly tries to tell you that is someone you may want to start ignoring. These films can engage with... more
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Evil Dead

Movie: Evil Dead

Remakes of classic horror films, am I right? They can get some people really pent up. And with the track record of the past 15 years or so, it’s not hard to see why. Halloween, Psycho, Friday the 13th, The Fog, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Omen, The Thing, The Hills Have Eyes,... more
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Olympus Has Fallen

Movie: Olympus Has Fallen

You know that thing that happens every now and then, where two movies that are very similar land in the same year, in fairly close proximity to each other? Well, that’s kind of happening again this year, with the not-so-USP being a terrorist attack on the White House, where one man must... more
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A Good Day to Die Hard


Within certain creative properties that exist in the public consciousness, there is an idea about what that property is. However, I suppose a complication arises when we come to the notion that Bill Clinton infamously responded with during his impeachment process… “That depends on... more
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Biopics are a tricky business, as I’ve said in reviews past. Generally speaking, if someone warrants a feature film biography to tell the story of their lives, then that person is likely quite famous, or infamous as the case may be. Either their particular story is so fascinating that it... more
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Zero Dark Thirty


This movie was always going to be a controversial one. Trying to tell the story of the decade-long hunt for pretty much the most wanted human being alive, himself a key figure in the seemingly never-ending global endeavour that is the War on Terror, amidst the incredibly tense landscape of global... more
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America loves its own mythology. Though, they're certainly not alone in this. Pretty much every country, society and civilisation have built their identity on the myths and legends they create around their own histories. It's how we form the national identities we take out onto the world... more
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Movie 43


In the age of the Internet, the availability of videos that should probably be left unseen is huge. Thanks to the web, so long as you have a connection, you are never any more than a few clicks and keyword searches from all manner of stuff. Sex, death, and a multitude of fails and fetishes have... more
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Django Unchained


As a filmmaker, Tarantino is an odd bird. Though there has never been any secret of his process of taking old movies he loved watching as a teenager and turning them into the basis for the stuff he makes himself, his beginnings were of a comparatively more muted tone than his later work. Look at... more
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It seems that every second song on the radio now is some overplayed, manufactured  Rihanna-type rubbish, which leaves me questioning, whatever happened to radio just putting new talent out there? Some of this newer talent we music lovers seek, comes in the form of Los Angeles born band Haim... more
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