What are the features of stock?

Stocks are traded through exchanges where buyers and sellers meet and set prices, and the company will list its shares through an IPO. Investors who trade stocks will conduct extensive research and will rely on technical analysis of stocks and trading when opening an account with a respected broker. Common stocks are one of the popular instruments in the stock market. It is the most popular in the world because of its characteristics.

Because of its unique characteristics, it ranked first in the list of priority securities market instruments and, second, in bonds. By reading this publication, you will learn about the key characteristics or characteristics of common stock. The required function allows the issuer company to have the right to buy back its shares from investors. Meanwhile, the sale function gives investors the right to resell their shares to the issuing company.

But, on the contrary, if this function is executed, the company repurchases the shares at a certain price, determined at the time the shares were first issued. One of the most popular features of common stock is that anyone can buy and own them, hold them, and sell them at a profit.

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